19. The following message “Please provide USN Code” is appearing when some of the reps attempt to sign in at hospitals. Can you please advise?

The USN code is a code that the Pharmacy Manager receives when they receive their QR codes from Masoom.

  1. On entering the hospital facility, open your CRICE CAMS app, grant permission to access your location and follow the pop-up instruction to proceed to the Pharmacy Manger.
  2. A USN Code will be required to be entered for the very first time that you enter a hospital, once you have received your Digital CRICE Access Card.
  3. The Pharmacy Manager will be in possession of a printed or electronic copy of their USN Code.
  4. The Pharmacy Manager will then enter their USN Code and cross check that the uploaded profile picture matches the sales rep based on which the profile picture will now be locked-in and you will not be able to change it. 
  5. Once the Pharmacy Manager has confirmed your identity, click on the Digital CRICE Access Card button which opens the camera.
  6. Face your phone towards the QR Code and a ‘Checked In’ message will appear on your screen.
  7. Likewise on check-out, report to correct Pharmacy Manager and scan check out QR Code.