CRICE CAMS – in phase 3 testing.

Launch of CRICE Digital Access Card (Pilot rollout)

Company Representative in Clinical Environment (CRICE) Controlled Access and Monitoring System (CAMS)


The Company Representative in Clinical Environment (CRICE) programme is a SAMED initiative that was launched in 2012 and results in reps receiving a CRICE Access Card. It is administered by Masoom Training Solutions.

The CRICE access card has now been digitised and is available as a mobile application. The new system is called CRICE Controlled Access and Monitoring System or CRICE CAMS.

What are the features of CRICE CAMS?

  • Compatible on android and ios devices.
  • Convenient  mobile application for CRs on the move
  • Able to commence and complete in 4 easy steps
  • Immediate issuance of certificate
  • Automatic verification in the background of various inputs such as aseptic technique observer credentials, signature validations etc. If validations checks out, it will result in immediate activation of Digital CRICE Access Card.
  • Platform for CRICE POC to enrol staff, request transfer and renew staff status and renew
  • CRICE POC now has access to Staff Status Report and can renew ‘soon to expire’ cards from within the status report.

CRICE CAMS will be Launched in 3 phases as follows:

  1. Phase 1
    • Pilot rollout for testing the Digital CRICE Access Card.
    • Applies only to valid card CRICE card holders at participating companies (Medtronic, JNJ, B.Braun and Baroque)
    • Timelines: 1 Nov to 15 Dec 2019
  2. Phase 2
    • Launch of CRICE CAMS for CRICE Company Point of Contacts (POC)
    • All new enrolments, renewals, transfers and lost card replacements will now take place via CRICE CAMS Mobile Application. Lost Card replacements will be replaced with digital card.
    • Testing of Digital CRICE Access card at public hospital facilities.
    • Timelines: phase 2 started on 15 January 2020
  3. Phase 3
    • Final migration. All staff members will use CRICE CAMS and not the old LMS system.
    • All enrolments on old system will be deactivated if not completed within 30 days of enrolment and migrated over to CRICE CAMS.
    • Timelines: anticipated start 01 March 2020

Should you require further information, please send an email to