31. How do I go about completing the Netcare Donning and Doffing Practical?

Practical Donning and Doffing of PPE checklist form only applicable to Including Sterile field (Green) and Excluding Sterile Field (Blue) courses.

  • Perform this practical in the presence of a colleague from your company (NOT done at hospitals). Your colleague must have a clinical or medical qualification and must have experience with donning and doffing of PPE. Colleagues who are nurses, doctors, first aiders, OHS safety officers, lab techs etc. typically qualify on both criteria. 
  • Observations may be done face-2-face via video enabled calls such as Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp etc.  
  • If required PPE is not on hand, you may improvise (eg: use kitchen apron instead of plastic apron) BUT the techniques and sequence of procedures must be adhered to.  
  • If your colleague is not present to sign, use the email facility within the form itself to email to your colleague for signature.