26. I received my access information, how do I now complete the CRICE Programme?

On successfully completing the CRICE Programme (completion of steps 1 to 4) on the CRICE CAMS Mobile Application and you will receive your CRICE Certificate you will have access to your Digital CRICE Access Card.

Completion in just 4 easy steps:

Step 1: User Profile

  1. Upload a headshot (head and neck) digital picture by clicking the little camera visual that appears next to the profile picture bubble.
  2. Your pic will require verification at your first scanning by entry of a USN code which hospital gatekeeper will have.
  3. After 3 attempts your pic upload facility will blocked
  4. On completion, your screen will default to Step 2

Step 2: E-learning

  1. You must view all of the E-Learning screens to have access to the Assessment, step 3.
  2. On completion, your screen will default to Step 3

Step 3: Assessment

  1. You need to score at least 80%
  2. You are only given 3 attempts
  3. Should you fail, you will have to be re-enrolled at normal course price.
  4. On completion, your screen will default to Step 4

Step 4: Electronic Forms

  1. Click on the ‘view’ button.
  2. Complete all fields. You may partially complete, save and return to complete
  3. Click on the SUBMIT button and a green (tick) will appear if successfully submitted