10. Is the CRICE Access Card only applicable to medical device companies?

No, the Digital CRICE ACCESS CARD applies to all CRs in the medical industry including IVD, medical device and pharmaceuticals. It is anticipated that pharmaceutical representatives will require the CRICE General Card as they primarily visit HCP rooms and do not enter their facilities. 

Likewise, CRs who only enter Pharmacy, laboratory or radiology departments will only require CRICE General Cards. 

Ask your POC to use the ‘Determine the Level of Access Requirement’ tool on their home page to ensure which CRICE Course you will qualify for.  

The CRICE Access Card includes, but is not limited to, representatives from the following sectors: 

  • Pharmaceutical Representatives 
  • Consumer Representatives 
  • IVD Representatives 
  • Surgical devices Representatives 
  • Supplier company service engineer/technicians 
  • Equipment Representatives 
  • Health Technology Representatives 
  • Private Nurse Practitioners 
  • Sales Agents